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Mutliklean Pvt ltd is a registered organization licensed to conduct business in the manufacturing of industrial and domestic cleaning chemicals and equipment. Multiklean has operated in Zimbabwe since 2006 and has fully grown into an independent manufacturer and distributor of the Multiklean brand. To this day Multiklean has become a force to reckon with within the cleaning chemical manufacturing industry and cleaning equipment supplier of repute. We pride ourself in our quality products which have found themselves in the proudly Zimbabwe's major retailers and wholesalers as well as corporates. We have everything for everybody at Multiklean because our reputable product range complement each other. Our clients benefit the most with Multiklean where they can find, not only our cleaning and hygiene products, but also the materials, equipment and most of all, the knowledge necessary for use and applying the chemicals/equipment in their day to day lives.



To provide personalized selected cleaning products to a wide cross-section of customers in both industrial and domestic sectors, whilst at the same time, remaning focused on satisfying client needs and adding value to their organizational chain. We also ensure our customers and other stakeholders enjoy a mutually beneficial relationship with us, whilst giving our shareholders a highly-acceptable return on their investment into our product range.


To become the regions leading cleaning product provider of choice, providing superior world-class cleaning products and technical advice, and establishing a momentum in our business that has the potential to take us further, as we pursue our ambition to build a world-class cleaning products group.


Integrity, honesty and discipline in all dealings with our stakeholders
Delivering the best possible service to our clients
Excellence in every aspect
Commitment to teamwork for higher productivity

We strongly believe that our employee's growth is synonymous to that of our organization. Empowering our team means empowering MultiKlean - Our employees are the main pillar of our competitive strength.

Commitment to protecting the environment, wherever and whenever our products are in use.