Cleaning Chemicals

Bubbles Household Chemicals

The best products are no use without the right chemistry. Therefore, Multiklean develops its own cleaning and care products, optimally harmonised with the individual cleaning methods. Dosing is as simple as can be: as little as possible, but as much as required for environmentally friendly deep cleaning.

Dishwashing Liquid

Universal, very efficient detergent for manual dishwashing. Gives the dishes a beautiful gloss. Heavily foaming and powered with lemon, making washing dishes faster and easier, leaving them sparkling clean and residue free. Very kind to skin and materials


Package Available: 750ml

Pure Pine Gel

This cleaning chemical is a thick, clear and freestanding gel with natural germ-killing properties. It contains a high concentration of surfactants, as well as pine oils that act as a natural disinfectant making this an excellent universal all round cleaner and disinfectant.


Package Available: 1Lt, 2.5Lt

Bubble/Foam Bath


Our Bubbles luxurious foam bath is designed to create a mass of bubbles and help with cleaning and fragrance in the bath. Contains skin-conditioning agents such as coconut oils to protect your skin.



Package Available:2Lt

Fabric Softener


This fabric softener is suitable for all types of clothes and linen washing. This cleaning product will leave all your laundry soft and fluffy as well as static free.


Package Available: 750ml

Tile Cleaner

Powerful 3 in 1 Tile Cleaner, cleans, fragrances, and shines at one go. It contains powerful soil removing agents designed for the safe cleaning of all floor coverings.


Package Available: 1Lt

Deo Blocks


Deo blocks are compressed, perfumed and coloured crystal blocks that are used as deodorizers for urinals, drains, lavatories etc. They offer moth and mildew control for cupboards, drawers etc


Package Available: 40g x 5

Supershine Floor Sealer

Highly concentrated polymer floor dressing, forms a polishable, water resistant protection film. For treatment of hard concrete floor coverings, wooden, natural and artificial stones.



Package Available: 1Lt

Car Shampoo & Wax

Dual purpose exterior vehicle cleaning liquid detergent. It contains powerful soil removing agents together with a special soft emulsified wax that will leave a durable lasting shine.



Package Available: 1Lt

Disinfectant Blocks

Powerful blue in-cistern disinfectant blocks containing active substances to clean, kill germs and freshen the bowl automatically on every flush, and also prevents filth from accumulating on the bowl wall by forming a protective layer.


Package Available: 2X0.4grms

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All Rights Reserved Multiklean (Pvt) Ltd and Bubbles (Pvt) Ltd

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Site Development:

Red Roar P/L