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Mutliklean Pvt ltd is a registered organization licensed to conduct business in the manufacturing of industrial and domestic cleaning chemicals and equipment. Multiklean has operated in Zimbabwe since 2006 and has fully grown into an independent manufacturer and distributor of the Multiklean brand. To this day Multiklean has become a force to reckon with within the cleaning chemical manufacturing industry and cleaning equipment supplier of repute.


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We at MultiKlean are driven by our understanding of the local market and their need for original Zimbabwean products as it is dominated by foreign products, which short change the market by lack of knowledge on consumer needs and wants. We have students graduating each year from our local tertiary institutions, hence by producing locally, we feel we have a role to play in employment creation.


The target customers for the MultiKlean range of cleaning products vary from both industrial and domestic sectors. MultiKlean products have been tried and tested in such areas as industrial, administrative or business premises, hospitals, schools, veterinary houses, industrial kitchens, supermarkets and shopping centres.